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Christmas catastrophies -help to avoid them

Tuesday 20th December, 2011

For some dogs, Christmas over-indulgence has come a little bit early and at Barton Lodge we have already had to treat two little dogs that had helped themselves to a large amount of chocolates and one little dog that ate a large quantity of raisins. Fortunately their owners telephoned for advice as soon as they made the discovery and prompt intervention in all cases meant we were able to prevent a tummy ache turning into something much more serious. We would like to warn everyone that dogs can actually be poisoned by chocolate, grapes and raisins. One of the ingredients present, particularly in dark chocolate, is Theobromine. Dogs are sensitive to this and symptoms that your dog has eaten too much chocolate, apart from an upset tummy, can be panting and restlessness, progressing to more serious nervous symptoms. A detailed guide for further information is available on our website and you can download the Lifelearn fact sheet in Dogs/Other/ Chocolate poisoning
Not everyone knows that eating raisins or grapes can also be toxic for dogs and lead to kidney failure. Raisins are an ingredient that is present in many Christmas cakes and puddings, and we are all quite likely to have a bowl of grapes around at Christmas time.
We hope that giving this warning now will help everyone to take care and avoid their dog eating or getting hold of these items by mistake over the Christmas Holidays. We aim to keep our chocolates away from Toby and Nell, pictured here, and we cant have any edible presents under the tree because we know exactly how mischievous our dogs can be. If you do need urgent advice at any time, telephone Barton Lodge Veterinary Centre on 01442 216048 or, over the holidays phone directly to the Emergency Vets Now Team based at Barton Lodge on 01442 768484 and you can always contact an experienced member of staff who will give advice on exactly what action to take if your dog might have over-indulged inappropriately on chocolate, grapes, raisins or for that matter any other Christmas items. In the event of any holiday emergency, telephone Vets Now staff who are ready to treat your pets.
Our Christmas and New Year Holiday opening hours are in the December newsletter. We all, including Toby and Nell, wish everyone a healthy and very Happy Christmas.

“ Tigger was first seen as an emergency- I was very grateful for the calm and caring way in which he was treated, and also that he was seen so quickly. ”

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