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Free Dental Health Checks during June

Sunday 10th June, 2012

June is Dental Care Month at Barton Lodge Veterinary Centre and to raise awareness of dental health issues for pets until June 30th we are offering a FREE DENTAL HEALTH CHECK-UP for your pets. Email or phone us between 8am-7pm to request your free appointment and a voucher for a dental procedure. If we diagnose that your pet has a problem at the FREE DENTAL HEALTH CHECK-UP, we are offering a thirty pounds off voucher towards any dental procedure that your pet might need including scaling and polishing or tooth extractions under anaesthesia.

Its not only humans who need a regular dental check-up, our pets teeth are at risk too. Dogs and cats can suffer with conditions such as bad breath, gum disease or a build-up of plaque and tartar. Fortunately most dental disease is treatable if caught early at a check up, and itís even better to opt for a preventive approach in the first place. At a dental check-up we can assess your pets teeth and also advise you on how to keep them healthy For dogs and cats, teeth cleaning by regular brushing is the best way forward but there are a number of diets and products available on the market that help to maintain dental health, and these also play a useful part in a dental care routine.

Rabbits have particular teeth problems because their teeth grow continuously and rapidly to provide a fresh new tooth surface to grind food efficiently. For them to avoid dental problems, it is absolutely essential they are getting the right diet with plenty of hay or grass to keep the tooth growth in check. A correctly balanced diet while young rabbits are growing is essential for future dental health. Excessive overgrowth of either front incisor teeth or back molar teeth can cause a painful mouth due to sharp tooth spikes developing and digging into the gums or tongue. Symptoms to look for are weight loss accompanied by drooling of saliva.

Because pets dont always show signs when they are in pain, it is worth getting into the habit of regularly examining your pets mouth for any sign of problem. Although not always the easiest task, it is good to start this habit as early as possible to ensure your pet becomes used to regular check-ups and feels at ease.

If you are concerned about your pets dental health or are struggling to examine your pet at home, we can help and during June, are offering a FREE DENTAL HEALTH CHECK-UP with dental care advice for pets. Please note that if other conditions are diagnosed and treated at the same appointment, usual charges will apply.

Please contact us on 01442 216048 to make an appointment for your pet at Barton Lodge Veterinary Centre 1 Midland Road Hemel Hempstead HP2 5BH.

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