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Special Offers and Free Health Checks for Rabbit Awareness in May

Thursday 2nd May, 2013

During May we are promoting rabbit health by offering a free Health Check for rabbits. You will receive a Health Check certificate and a discount voucher for Supreme Rabbit Food. You can also join our Rabbit Health Plan to ensure your rabbit stays healthy and receive discounts on vaccinations, parasite prevention, neutering, pet food and a free health check every 6 months. Additionally if you join the Rabbit Health Plan before May 14th you will also receive a 5 M&S voucher from The Practice Business who administer our Rabbit Health Plan.

“ We recently changed vets (our dog is 18 months old)and my husband and I are really impressed with the level of service offered, not to mention the kindness from the staff(vets, nurses, reception ladies). We(including our dog) no longer dread going to the vet when we need to plus, Barney genuinely seems so much calmer when we visit Barton Lodge. I think this is very much how the staff handle him though. I could go on all day but will just say that we're delighted we moved. ”

Nicola Cobb 8.11 2012