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National Pet Week Pet Fair Gadebridge Park May 14th

Thursday 25th May, 2006

Barton Lodge Veterinary Centre held its 18th National Pet Week Pet Fair in Gadebridge Park on Sunday May 14th. The Dog Show attracted many entries and the pet lovers who attended were entertained by the Obedience Display staged by Chesvale Dog Training. Many branches of animal charities attended and raised funds for their vital work which aids animal welfare in the local community.

Barton Lodge Veterinary Centre Staff gave out advice to pet owners on how to keep your pet healthy. Vet Roger Wickenden is pictured with a very unusual pet. This very healthy boa constrictor gets specialist care which keeps him fit and well. The message is, if you keep a pet, you must have the knowledge and commitment to look after its needs properly.

“ Made Tilly very comfortable on her first visit, even with the dreaded vaccinations! ”

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